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Hermann Hesse
106 Pages


Naveen Selvadurai

Founder of Foursquare, now Kit.

“For me, it would have to be Siddhartha. A classic by Hesse; a hero's journey I revisit once every couple of years.”

It's not how good you are it's how good ...

Paul Arden
128 Pages


Christophe Pilate

Co-founder & Creative Director at @ wearefromparis.

“It's Not How Good You Are, It's How Good You Want to Be is a handbook of how to succeed in the world: a pocket bible for the talented and timid alike to help make the unthinkable thinkable and the impossible possible.”

The Score Takes Care of Itself

Bill Walsh
288 Pages


Edward Kim

Co-founder, Engineering @ Gusto.

“It's an amazing book about being an inspiring leader, maintaining a high standard of performance, and inspiring your team to do their best work. It's told from the perspective of Bill Walsh, who was the head coach of the San Francisco 49ers and let them to multiple Super Bowl titles. ”

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Thr...

Lewis Carroll
272 Pages


Emanuel Nataf

Founder & CEO of Reedsy.

“I love Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass as I think the Red Queen phenomenon is the best way to describe evolution. The race that's happening between species also applies to businesses. At Reedsy, we're even more ambitious, not just running faster to stay in the same place but to innovate and change an entire industry.”

How to Win Friends & Influence People

Dale Carnegie
288 Pages


Yunha Kim

Founder & CEO of Simple Habit, a 5-minute meditation app.

“Even though this is my favorite book, on daily basis, I fail to follow Dale Carnegie's advice and I feel bad about it. But every time I pick up this book, it opens my eyes on understanding human nature better.”


Neil Postman
240 Pages


Tristan Harris

Ex-Product Philosopher @ Google working on TimeWellSpent.io

“Technopoly - how metrics and infatuation with the novelty of technology hide the deeper moral questions about what specific human values they are meant to impact or positively fulfill, and whether they do.”


James Clavell
1152 Pages


Steve Huffman

Co-Founder Reddit

“It's one of the few books that I can read over and over and always enjoy.”

Harold and the Purple Crayon

Crockett Johnson
64 Pages


Nate Weiner

Founder/CEO @Pocket

“My favorite book is actually one from my childhood: Harold and the Purple Crayon. It teaches a lesson that has driven a lot of how I think about approaching problems, life and building products: Anything is possible, it's up to you to create the world and solution you want. ”

Zero to One

Peter Thiel
242 Pages


Luis von Ahn

Founder of reCAPTCHA and Duolingo

“My favorite business book is Zero to One from Peter Thiel. It was good to get the perspective from somebody who had built a very successful business.”

The Billionaire Who Wasn't

Conor O'Clery
432 Pages


Rand Fishkin

Founder Moz.com

“It's both a fascinating story and an inspiring tale of generosity.”

Shoe Dog

Phil Knight
400 Pages


Jasper van Elferen

Founder Yellowbag.com

“About Phil Knight - founder of Nike - and how he build one of the greatest brands in the world. Inspiring book about an iconic entrepreneur.”

Thinking Fast and Slow

Daniel Kahneman
512 Pages


Marc Kohlbrugge

Founder Betalist.com

“Quite a long, but interesting read about how we think, sometimes fool ourselves (and others), and what we can do to overcome these biases and logical fallacies.”

Forget All the Rules You Ever Learned Ab...

Bob Gill
168 Pages


Linden Tibbets

Founder & CEO@IFTTT

“Whether you are a graphic designer or CEO, if creativity is an important part of your work, this book is for you. Identifying and solving problems is about choosing the right rules to break and the right rules to follow!”

Turn the Ship Around

L. David Marquet
240 Pages


Jason Fried

Co-founder & CEO of Basecamp

“My favorite business book is Turn the Ship Around". It is a wonderful look at what leadership is really about. I recommend it highly.”

How to Win Friends & Influence People

Dale Carnegie
288 Pages


Tobias van Schneider

Designer & Founder @semplicelabs

“This book written by Dale Carnegie is a classic. The title is cheesy but I read it already 3 times. It's a book everyone should read at least once. Ignore the title, or the fact that it's marketed as a self-help book, just get it and read it. (if you haven't already)”

The Greatest Salesman in the World

Og Mandino
128 Pages


Vojto Rinik

Made FocusList. Working on Median.tech

“It's a combination of a powerful story and tips for how to approach work, such as try make one more sale before the day is over. It suggests you read the scrolls three times every day, which I haven't done, but may be a good way to stay motivated.”

Lean Analytics

Alistair Croll & Ben Yoskovitz
440 Pages


David Arnoux

Co-Founder @Growthtribe

“Let's make a data-driven decision: what book do I have the highest retention rate with? Without a doubt Lean Analytics by Alistair Croll and Ben Yoskovitz. It's an actioned packed, no-bullshit, fast reading book. It will help you figure out what type of business you're in and which specific metric(s) you should be measuring to grow your business.”

A Guide to the Good Life

William Braxton Irvine
336 Pages


Julian Shapiro

Explaining things at Julian.com

“A self-help book without fluff.”

Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make..

James C. Collins
320 Pages


David Chang

Co-founder @ArcadeMeNet

“Entrepreneurship books usually have a lot of hype, or are opinion based, but have no strong academic rigor to back their claims. This book did not enlighten me or give me a whole new perspective of life, but it did validate how I look at leadership and team collaboration.”


Shane Snow
272 Pages


Bram Kanstein

Startupstash and Co-founder @offtherecord

“Shane analyzes the lives of people and companies that do incredible things in a really short time.They employ what psychologists call "lateral thinking: to rethink convention and break "rules" that aren't rules. These are not shortcuts, which focus short-term gains, but ethical "smartcuts" that eliminate unnecessary effort and give sustainable momentum. I really loved this book as it has brought a new perspective in the way I do business!”

Atlas Shrugged

Ayn Rand
1168 Pages


Oscar Kneppers

Rockstart Founder & CEO

“My favorite book is 'Atlas Shrugged' - Russian born Ayn Rand's fiction - advocating reason, individualism, and capitalism. This quote says it all: I swear by my life and my love of it that I will never live for the sake of another man, nor ask another man to live for mine.”

The Narrow Road: A Brief Guide to the Ge...

Ayn Rand
240 Pages


Dean Yeong

Publish weekly articles on DeanYeong.com

“Straight-forward guide of money-making that every entrepreneurs need to know. It's going to help you skip through tons of time in figuring out the way with the universal rules and principles on how we should approach business, startup, and life.”

Founders at Work

Jessica Livingston
488 Pages


Jochem Gietema

Founder Socentworld.com

“The book contains interviews with the founders of famous technology companies (PayPal, Gmail, Craigslist) concerning what happened in their early years. It shows that there are so many different ways to start and grow a business. Everyone has a different approach and all of these approaches can be successful. ”


James Clavell
1152 Pages


Michael Seibel

CEO Y Combinator

“Shogun is my favorite book because it hammers home the point that when making an important decision - delay is always a serious option to be considered. Options available to a person or company can change very quickly. What looks impossible today might look possible tomorrow.”

Start with Why

Simon Sinek
256 Pages


Joe Gebbia

Co-founder & Chief Product Officer @Airbnb

“This book is the basis for any pursuit and explains people do buy into 'what' you do, they choose based on 'why' you do it.”


Jason Fried
288 Pages


Paul Aelen

Internet entrepeneur

“Inspiring collection of practical, briefly defined principles for creating a startup. ”

The Lean Startup

Eric Ries
366 Pages


Tijs Vrolix

Founder of All The Small Things

“The Lean Startup brings a number of fresh, inspiring insights and examples that are applicable far beyond just startups.”

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